11 of the best startups in Oslo, according to the locals

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21 Oct 2020

slo may seem remote and expensive, but it’s one of the world’s fastest growing cities. Its quality of life is also practically unbeatable; once you’re in the Norwegian capital, you might find out that you never want to leave.

Norway’s highly educated population is moreover pouring knowledge, experience and money into the startup ecosystem. The number of investments in Norwegian startups was up 300 percent in 2016 and Oslo accounted for almost three quarters of these investments.

To help you wrap your head around the movers and shavers in Oslo’s startup ecosystem, we’ve put together a concise list of Oslo startups and their elevator pitches – all also featured in our Startup Guide Oslo book, should you want to read more about them.

1 – Ardoq

Ardoq is a visual documentation tool that bridges the knowledge gaps in your organization by connecting information about processes and the IT systems that support them.

2 – No Isolation

No Isolation aims to help people out of loneliness and social isolation by giving everyone the opportunity to participate in social life. Its telepresence robot, for instance, helps children suffering from long-term illness.

3 – Huddly

Huddly enables team video collaboration anywhere, enhancing the digital tools its customers are already familiar with. Its camera features high resolution optics and image processing with a 120-degree range; all that’s needed is a laptop computer and a Huddly camera.

4 – Xeneta

Xeneta is the leading platform for intelligent benchmarking and rate data analysis for ocean freight rates. Shippers, freight forwarders and carriers get powerful and visually-pleasing real-time data and analytics needed to compare their shipping prices.

5 – Spiff

Spiff claims it is the world’s first savings app designed with women in mind, allowing users to set saving goals, share plans with friends and family or give savings as a gift. Spiff connects money to what it can accomplish and makes saving simple, social and fun.

6 – Nabobil

Nabobil is a peer-to-peer car rental platform. It allows private car owners to rent out their car to make some extra money, while giving people in need of a car access to automobiles in their neighborhood.

7 – nLink

nLink is on a mission to disrupt the construction industry. They plan on doing this by making the world’s first mobile drilling robot, which is designed to relieve construction workers from overhead work involved with measuring and drilling in concrete ceilings.

8 – Konsus

Konsus provides users 24/7 access to on-demand freelancers available via chat. Companies use it for business tasks, such as writing, design or research, where Konsus enables them to instantly assemble a team of talented freelancers based on skill and availability.

9 – Medarbeiderne

Medarbeiderne is a social enterprise working to decrease the amount of unrecycled garbage by providing a subscription for a monthly pickup of glass and metal waste from private households. At the same time, it employs former drug addicts to help them integrate back into society.

10 – Socius

Socius is a social-powered content provider for publishers to increase engagement and loyalty on their digital properties. For any topic, it identifies great content from across the social web and packages them with native ads and article recommendations.

11 – Unacast

Unacast says it’s the world’s biggest sensor platform. By aggregating data from over 30 percent of the world’s sensors, it helps people easily build products and services on top of the physical world within advertising, analytics, bots and artificial intelligence.

Just so you’re aware of how we selected the startups for the guide, we sorted through hundreds of nominations from the community before a local advisory board helped us curate the final list.

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*This article was originally published on October 17th, 2018 and updated on December 10th, 2018.