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22 Nov 2023

Sector:  finance, agribusiness, customer relations, operational efficiency, information security and governments

BanriTech, an initiative led by Banrisul, the largest bank in Southern Brazil, fosters the growth of entrepreneurial ventures. The BanriTech Acceleration Program is based on the Tecnopuc methodology and provides guidance and mentorship to support the emergence and advancement of new businesses. It also offers training through workshops, lectures and courses aimed at skill development and knowledge acquisition. Additionally, the initiative extends infrastructure support in the form of coworking spaces, meeting rooms and laboratories and also grants access to investment funds, enabling startups to secure the resources necessary for their expansion. By providing a wide range of solutions and great networking opportunities, BanriTech helps entrepreneurs reach their full potential and plays a critical role in promoting a thriving ecosystem of innovation and cooperation.

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

Alana AI, Pix Force, Ubots, Aqualuffa, AkinTec

Who should apply:

Startups aiming to enhance their growth by leveraging technical support, methodology and diagnostic monitoring. Startups must have a minimum of two partners, generate an annual income below R$4.6 million  (US$896,110) and hold a valid CNPJ registration in Brazil.


Main photo: Divulgação Banrisul - Renato Yamanaka