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22 Nov 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

As part of the development agency of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Badesul’s strategy is to attract national and international investment funds to invest in startups in RS. In the past twelve years, Badesul has invested R$55 million (US$11 million) across seven funds dedicated to startups in Rio Grande do Sul, making it one of the largest investors in startups in the state. To date, it has invested in over seventeen startups from Rio Grande do Sul in the pre-seed, seed and Series A levels directly and indirectly. “In these last twelve years, the environment of entrepreneurship and investment has changed several times, but we are sure that the gaucho entrepreneur is very qualified and that he is inserted in a well-developed ecosystem that can provide the necessary subsidy to create new businesses,” says Elias Graziottin Rigon, Badesul’s venture capital superintendent and innovation support. 

As an agnostic investor and a state-based agency, Badesul’s primary motivation when seeking new companies and ideas is the shared strategy that these companies can bring a more qualified and collaborative development to the region. Supporting young entrepreneurs and their companies motivates the Badesul team, who offer guidance from an investment perspective along with access to mentoring, State programs and knowledge. Badesul’s ideal startup founder needs to have passion for their idea and understand the risks associated with investments at their stage: “This type of investment is risky,” says Elias. “That is why it is called venture capital. That said, the founder has to understand the investor’s mind and objectives, present a product or service that has high potential, scalability and finally keep the investor informed about its development. Founders who usually understand the business are the ones who allow themselves to be coachable and accept feedback.”


Main photo: Christian Coiro Spessato