Awesomity Lab

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01 Jan 2024
We are a software-development company that focuses on user-centered design to create the greatest possible impact for our clients. At our core, we are a team of designers, engineers and creatives who came together to create world-class software solutions.

Awesomity Lab’s CEO and chairman Lionel Mpfizi met his cofounders at a six-month tech boot camp held by HeHe Labs (now DMM.HeHe). From their college library, the four friends became a team, growing in skills and learning on the go. “The unique thing about Awesomity, and, I believe, one of the reasons businesses choose to work with us, is our approach to work,” says Lionel. “We spent a lot of time in trial and error, trying to figure out the best ways to approach problem solving, design and so on.”

Now a team of fifteen full-time employees and six interns, the company builds mobile applications and web platforms with a focus on user-centered design. It counts Volkswagen among its clients and has created over two hundred websites for various departments of the Rwandan government. “We took risks by taking on huge projects and had a lot of learnings from them. It all led to us crafting the perfect process to work with businesses, where we don’t just offer technology solutions, but offer solutions that will have an impact in the businesses we’re working with,” Lionel says. The company was awarded the Rwanda Tech Seal for Best Practices in Programming and received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 2019 RDB Business Excellence Awards.

Funding Story

Awesomity Lab’s founders decided to bootstrap the company after a few failed attempts at raising seed money. The company has been profitable since 2018 and is seeking opportunities to expand to other African locations.


  • Meeting at a six-month coding program and deciding to collaborate as cofounders.
  • Taking the first runner-up position in Seedstars Kigali 2016, which motivated us greatly.
  • Winning a contract to create the VW Move app for Volkswagen. 
  • Winning the Gov UX challenge, allowing us to redesign Rwandan government-owned websites.

Main Photo by: Alex Niragira