Atitus Educação

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22 Nov 2023

Atitus Educação aims to transform lives through innovative education that generates prosperity.

The university offers nineteen undergraduate courses, six master’s programs, and one doctorate via its Business, Health, Law, Polytechnic, and Agribusiness colleges. In 2022, the university launched a new education model, developed in partnership with leading companies, to connect to business interests in the region and align with real challenges companies are facing. Atitus also launched its Career Accelerator in 2023 for professional development opportunities, part of its larger vision to build a business ecosystem for its students.

Across every program, students can study with seasoned professionals from the innovation ecosystem and learn from hundreds of startups via hubs like the Instituto Aliança Empresarial and Instituto Caldeira. “Education can generate consistent change, real opportunities for evolution, and personal and professional growth,” says Vilmarise Alves, the school’s communication manager. “We accelerate employability and leverage the generation of new businesses to give our students a competitive advantage.” 

Location: ‍

Porto Alegre

Nearby Transit Connections: 

The Caldeira and Mon’t Serrat campuses in Porto Alegre are accessible via several bus lines, with Caldeira closest to the Farrapos train station and 20 minutes from Salgado Filho airport. 

Price of Tuition: 

Tuition values are updated annually using national indices. See for current information.

Entry Requirements: 

All prospective students must meet ENEM requirements or pass a written test. The graduate application process involves interviews, written evaluations, and research projects. 

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