An Open Window to the World!

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22 Nov 2023

he state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the country’s southern end, at the border with Uruguay and Argentina, is located in a region with enormous potential for growth in the Latin American context. We have the most vigorous innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem connected to universities in Brazil. There are sixteen Science and Technology Parks and several Innovation Hubs spread across the state’s geography. 

Rio Grande do Sul holds the first position in every ranking and assessment in Brazil in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. We are home to two of the most important science and technology parks in the country (Tecnopuc and Tecnosinos), which gather companies and operations of research and development for large global companies, such as Apple, SAP, HP Inc, HP Enterprise, Ensilica, Impinj, HT Micron. In our ecosystem, we create hundreds of new startups and spinoffs every year.

We strive to transform our capital, Porto Alegre, and our State, Rio Grande do Sul, into world-class innovation ecosystems, increasingly integrated within a global community, open to the world, and dynamic and bold. People, innovation, creativity and social and environmental impact are core attributes of our development process. In this vision of the future, academic spinoffs and startups, typical of this knowledge-based society we live in, are central strategies for the coming years. As is being an open window to the world! Every day, we build a future which seeks to respect our tradition, carrying out the necessary renovations to continue creating a society that is more just and inclusive, respects and values the differences that define us, and places innovation at the service of improving the quality of life of everyone in Rio Grande do Sul. 

Jorge Audy,
Superintendent of Innovation and Development at PUCRS and TECNOPUC