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01 Jan 2024
We are preparing a new generation of change-makers by equipping individuals with the relevant skills, mindsets and networks to tackle the world’s toughest problems.

Founded in 2011 by Roshan Paul and Ilaina Rabbat, from India and Argentina respectively, the Amani Institute aims to help people create and develop careers of meaning and impact in their sector of choice. Established in Kenya, it has since expanded to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Bengaluru, India. In addition to its own programs, the Amani Institute has developed and delivered customized learning programs to over 120 organizations across the globe.  “In the contemporary world, social impact is increasingly being integrated into the private and public sectors, hence the need to develop innovative training programs that can support and sustain this integration,” says senior program manager Pauline Ndonga-Gakuo.

Amani Institute’s flagship program is its postgraduate certificate in social innovation management (SIM), a six-month course that is offered at each of the institute’s three campuses. It aims to provide students with the skills, knowledge and exposure to networks required to start, build or continue a career in the social-impact sector. Through an innovative model of learning that combines learning by doing, learning from experts and learning about oneself, the program builds personal capacity, making students more confident and effective in their ability to lead and influence social change. “Whether at the helm as founders of startups, or as intrapreneurs who are working in startups and using their skills to influence change from within, we enable more effective operations by skilling and upskilling individuals,” Pauline says.

The program targets both those who are already in the social-impact space and those who want to join it. Pauline says that SIM is unique in that it combines technical knowledge with knowledge of self. “This is in acknowledgment that for one to be effective at what they do, they need to be self-aware and know that who they are, how they think and the mindsets they carry have a direct influence on how they lead and operate within the workplace,” she says.


  • Meet the admission requirements.
    You must have a university degree or at least two years of practical experience.
  • Be a change maker.
    We want students who are actively doing something or want to do something to create positive impact in their community.
  • Be aligned.
    You should be aligned to Amani’s core values of vision, courage, empathy, change making and a global mindset.
  • Challenge your assumptions.
    You should be willing to learn and unlearn, as well as challenge your own view of the world.


Total enrollment (year): 500

Application can be sent via:

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