Akilah Institute

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01 Jan 2024
As the campus for female students at Davis College, we educate future leaders to champion opportunity and sustainability in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

Founded in 2010, the Akilah Institute set out to educate the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs. The organization has since expanded to become Davis College, which offers leadership and entrepreneurial education to young men as well, with the Akilah Institute becoming the women’s campus at the college. Aline Kabanda, president of Davis College, says that the school has ambitious plans for the next ten years. “We will impact one million students across Africa and Asia by 2030 through our competency-based blended and online diplomas and degrees,” she says.

The Akilah Institute works with private sector partners to create its curricula and offers accredited diplomas in business, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism management, and information systems. Equipped with the skills necessary for professional success in the twenty-first century, its graduates go on to careers in finance, technology, eco-tourism and conservation, among other sectors. Eighty-six percent of graduates launch their careers within six months of graduation, and on average they earn eleven times the national median income. “Rather than just completing credit hours, our outcomes-based, student-centered approach to learning means students prove mastery of specific competencies before advancing to the next level, focusing on what they know and can do,” says Aline.

The school has launched an innovative tech platform to match graduates with careers, and it leverages adaptive learning tools within its courses. It also provides extensive supplementary training in soft skills such as leadership development, career preparation and English-language communication. Its flagship course is its Business Management and Entrepreneurship diploma, which exposes students to core elements of establishing and maintaining a business, such as marketing and management, while also sharpening their skills in innovation and creativity. “The successful outcome of our diploma is an all-round graduate who has the necessary knowledge, skills and disposition to handle the rigors of the current and future business environment,” says Aline. 


Be a changemaker.
Students should demonstrate the vision and drive to create positive change in their communities.

Be open-minded.
You should be able to question your assumptions and be ready to challenge the status quo.

Demonstrate hunger.
You need to be hungry and passionate about acquiring knowledge and skills.

Be an ethical leader.
You should have a desire to become part of a community of thoughtful leaders committed to building the future with respect.

Be focused on sustainability.
We believe that a sustainable mindset is a career competency and we want students to learn to balance vibrant economies with a healthy environment.


Total enrollment: 1,000 (2020)

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