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22 Nov 2023

Sector: sector-agnostic

Powered by Sebrae/RS, AceleraX is the first scholarship program in the region focused on entrepreneurs. The program provides funding for early- to growth-stage startups for up to thirty-six months in amounts ranging from R$2,000 (US$390) to R$6,500 (US$1,266), no equity required. Every year, AceleraX selects startup projects based on their market potential, benefits, unique value propositions, technical feasibility, degree of innovation, and whether there is already market validation for these innovative ideas. Once selected, startups receive specialized technical support, a tailored roadmap and a busy schedule of activities to improve their planning, people management, communication, financial management, marketing and sales. Alcir Cardoso Meyer, head of Startups for SebraeX, says the program’s final objective is “to transform the proposed idea into a concrete initiative that can reach the market as a solution.” 

Selected Portfolio Companies: 

InovaPictor, Flower, essências do éden

Who should apply:

All early-stage and growth-stage startups of any sector


Main photo: Eduardo Rocha Paz