Cost of Living and Accommodation

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01 Jan 2024

Cost of Living

Accra offers many lifestyles, depending on how much you want to spend. Accommodation will likely be your largest budget item, unless your employer covers housing. Renting a one-bedroom furnished apartment costs around GH₵2,000–GH₵5,000 ($360–$910) per month in prime locations, but you can find much cheaper options outside of the business center. Internet service may also make a significant dent in your budget, especially if you use a lot of data. You can enjoy a satisfying meal for as little as GH₵15 ($2.70) but there are upscale options too. Groceries can be pricey if bought from supermarkets, but most locals use cheaper open air markets to do their daily shopping. Imported fruits like strawberries are expensive, so consider switching to local tropical fruits like pineapple. Expect to pay anywhere between GH₵700–GH₵2,000 ($130–$360) per month for domestic help, depending on your personal needs, or more if hired through an agency. 


Apartments in central neighborhoods like Labone, Cantonments and Airport Residential are costly but convenient. Living further out can be much cheaper, but you may get frustrated with the traffic during the daily commute. Search for listings or ask locals for an agent referral. Property owners can legally request six months’ rent in advance, but most ask for one or two years’ advance payment. Before committing, confirm if rent includes utilities and prepare to pay about one month’s rent in agency fees. Most rentals do not come with air conditioning, internet, a generator, waste collection or washing machine, so be prepared to arrange for these and build them into your budget. Make sure to also do some research to find out how secure and flood-prone the neighborhood is. It’s advisable to inform your embassy of your address for security purposes and relevant updates.