Nine startups in Paris to keep on your radar

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14 Jul 2019

Paris is emerging as a startup hub to be reckoned with not just in Europe, but worldwide. In the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, it ranked in ninth place.

As our overview of Paris's startup ecosystem reveals, the City of Light has plenty of perks, including rising investment and government initiatives that are helpful for entrepreneurs.

From helping employees find work-life balance to building analytics software for legal professionals, our latest list of Paris-based startups to keep on your radar tackles various issues.

“We’re a health-insurance company and platform that’s building the new health standard by taking genuine care of our users with best-in-class technology. Alan exists to make healthcare intuitively obvious to the whole community, using beautiful design and honest communication.”

“We help freelancers and companies join forces to build the future of tech. We’re aiming to become the engineering department for the world.”

“We are Google for lawyers. We’re building research and analytics software for legal professionals.”

“We’re a global leader in security solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. We have a team of over two hundred professionals developing a variety of products and services to safeguard cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies.”

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“We are the neobank for small businesses. Our tagline is ‘easy business banking.’ Basically, we’re making business banking for small businesses faster, easier and better than traditional banking.”

“We’re a solution for quality of working life. Employees in companies of all sizes are running out of time to do stuff in their personal lives; we try to help them balance their personal life with their work life by being able to access services easily.”

“We provide insurance companies with an innovative SaaS solution to improve and scale fraud detection. Our algorithms are tailored to reproduce fraud handlers’ deductive reasoning, making investigations quicker and easier than ever.”

“We’re a professional bank account for freelancers. The mobile app combines a digital bank account with an administrative assistant, which helps freelancers work in complete peace of mind by removing the burden of administrative tasks.”

“We empower people and companies by providing them with the most amazing temp work experience. Our goal is to help people navigate a new labor market and to support them in finding meaning in their professional career.”

Curious to know how these startups were selected for the guidebook? After sorting through nominations from the community, a local advisory board helped us curate the final list. Read more about how our books are made here.

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Main photo of Alan by Startup Guide. All photos: Startup Guide