10 Trondheim startups you should get to know

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10 Dec 2018

he startup scene in Trondheim is expanding, with a great number of technical hubs and networks creating a fully fledged community of innovation. What was once Norway’s capital in the Viking Ages is now Norway’s capital of technology.

The number of coworking spaces and incubators that have popped up in recent years have made it easy for new entrepreneurs to become absorbed in Trondheim's growing startup network. Some of the biggest tech companies in the city are Nordic Semiconductor, ARM and Atmel, which are all involved in the thriving Trondheim Maker community.

To help you take that dive into Trondheim's entrepreneurial jungle, we’ve put together a list of 11 startups and their elevator pitches - all of which are featured in our Startup Guide Trondheim book.

1 - Hubro Education

Hubro Education helps business students understand how the curriculum is used outside the classroom. It develops business simulation software where students in higher and secondary education manage virtual businesses, giving them a practical and motivating approach to the curriculum.

2 - Mindfit

Mindfit gives you techniques that motivate you to achieve your goals, change your thought patterns and keep your mind fit.

3 - AssiStep

Every year fifty Norwegians die from falling on stairs, many who only need a bit of support to climb the stairs themselves. AssiStep wants to help these people climb stairs themselves, which helps them stay active and use their bodies.

4 - Beatstack

Beatstack has finally found a metric that translates all physical activity into something meaningful for your health. The PAI score allows individuals to monitor and protect themselves against lifestyle-related diseases with the one number that really matters.

5 - Searis

Searis makes it easy to get the information employees need from all the data sources in industrial production, eliminating waste in all forms, while putting machine data in a real-life context.

6 -  Livid Jeans

Livid is firstly a manufacturing company that is quality and production oriented. It believes quality clothing is about working towards a chain of values that is sustainable and good.

7 - Blueye Robotics

Blueye is founded on the idea that it can make underwater exploration much simpler and cheaper than what is available today. They are aiming towards the consumer market, bringing another dimension to underwater exploration, namely user-friendliness.

8 - CrayoNano

CrayoNano believes it's about to revolutionize the ultraviolet LED industry by offering LEDs that are ten times more efficient at one tenth of the cost.

9 - Dropracks

Dropracks is the first roof rack that can be lowered down beside a car, making it safe and easy to load your gear. It wants to provide the most innovative solution to help facilitate people’s active lifestyles.

10- FlowMotion

Ninety-two percent of action camera owners claim shaking and vibration is a problem that turns great moments into crappy memories. FlowMotion has developed the world’s most advanced and compact action camera and smartphone stabilizer to bring out the best in every moment.

Just so you’re aware of how we selected these startups in Trondheim, we sorted through hundreds of nominations from the community before a local advisory board helped us curate the final list.

All photos: Startup Guide

*This article was originally published on October 17th, 2018 and updated on December 10th, 2018.